Mobile Marketing

Mobiles have become the perfect platform to reach a broad spectrum of consumers in exciting new ways. We have been there from the very beginning and offer a wide variety of innovative solutions that allow advertisers to bring mobiles to the next level. We are mobile, and you?
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Interactive Surfaces

People are now able to interact with all kinds of surfaces to obtain relevant and innovative information with a single finger touch.
ivista offers interactive shop windows, walls, floors, or traditional interactive kiosks.
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Content Design

We strongly believe that the right content combined with the right tool causes an immediate impact in advertising campaigns.
For this reason, we always do our best to suit the content to the technology chosen for each campaign.
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New Ideas

It is not enough for us to offer our customers the latest, so we are always looking for new ways to surprise users with interactive technology. With our own solutions or developing an R & D project for a client, ivista is always ready to present the most innovative ideas.
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