BILBAO, April 2010
Reopening Alhondiga

Holographic projection system for Alhondiga reopening

With the reopening of the historic Alhondiga building as a cultural and sports complex, Bilbao gains an important community space. To mark this important event, the Alhondiga held an open house during 9 days that allowed the public to visit the building in its last phases of construction.

As the Alhondiga has placed an important emphasis on integrating new technologies as a core element throughout the building, they turned to ivista to find an innovative way of communicating to the visiting public what they can expect to find once the doors officially open. ivista offered the solution of a holographic projection system which would be integrated seamlessly into two different locations in the building. The Alhondiga team looked for a low key approach to developing the content, preferring not to use special effects. Instead, they held auditions of normal citizens who would be filmed to explain what the Alhondiga would offer their fellow citizens.

The installation was incredibly well received by the visitors, with many people thinking they could speak to the projected characters, or walking up to the screen trying to see how people appeared and disappeared suddenly.